Web Design

Wed design work is essential to showcasing my clients and their institution, company, and/or entity.

Dilcon Community School is a k-8 grade Bureau of Indian Education school located in Dilkon, AZ. DCS was lacking a sufficient and easily accessible website. Much of their information and photos were outdated. We updated the website’s list of administration and staff, added a news feed, created galleries of school events from the last school year, and provided them with a responsive website that is accessible on all device screen sizes. A new beginning.
Dilcon Community School

Based out of Phoenix, AZ, Native Tree Services wanted a clean and clear web presence to promote their specialty tree services. We developed in your face content, clear and to the point. To accompany the content, we complimented that with the photography featuring hands-on images showcasing their services.
Native Tree Services

Logo Design

Logo Design and Branding

Branding and logo design. Through research and careful planning, the development of a logo is more than just design. It is a chance to mirror the mission and vision of a particular association. Using a combination of elements including; color, typography, line and shape, contrast, order—various elements working in unison.

Deer Spring Jewelry
Navajo Green Jobs
Land Grant Office of Dine College
We provide professional design, and advertising consulting.

This media agency is fueled with the elements to speed up your Business Marketing, Public Relations & Promotional Campaigns, Media Marketing, Internet Marketing, Email Marketing.

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Print Design

Publication/Print Design

I’ve been doing print design for a majority of my career as a designer. Most of the print work I have is informational. I have worked with companies and institutions to produce annual reports, strategic planning reports, congressional booklets, brochures, newsletters, and banners.

Tséhootsooí Medical Center
Navajo Housing Authority
Events and Promotions


Derrick C. Harvey Profile
Derrick C. Harvey
Graphic Designer

To obtain a position as a graphic designer in an institution or company which will utilize my design skill to its potential, in building and progressing toward the accomplishment of their strategies and goals, developed by their mission and vision.

Education Highlights
Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff, AZ

Bachelor of Science: Advertising, Minor: Visual Communication

Diné College
Tsaile, AZ

Associate of Arts: Social and Behavioral Sciences

Work Experience

Graphic Designer

Dilcon Community School
Feb 2016 - Present

Develop, create, and implement recruitment of students and teachers campaign. Create and develop business collateral for the school. Complete and launch new online web presence.

Advertising Consultant/Graphic Designer

Western Trading Blankets
September 2015 – Present

Contribute to the advertising strategies for current and new products. Develop appropriate material as seen fit for each campaign.

Graphic Designer

Navajo Housing Authority
February 2013 – November 2013

Develop informative material for advertising and publications. Create print advertisement in accordance to NHA’s initiatives and activity. Develop public information booklets both internally and externally.

Multi-Media Specialist

Tséhootsooí Medical Center Office of Planning and Logistics
August 2012 – January 2013

Research and produce the layout and design for both the FDIHB 2012 Strategic Plan and Annual Report. Manage the layout of copy and photography content for the Healthy Winds Newsletter. Produce hospital division and department advertisement, posters, banners, brochures, and digitize logos.

Graphic Designer

Black Mesa Water Coalition
January 2011 – June 2011

Redesign and maintain Black Mesa Water Coalition and Navajo Green Jobs website. Produce advertisement for events hosted by the program.


Northern Arizona University, SUN Entertainment
May 2010 – December 2010

Develop advertising, signage, collateral for various SUN sponsored events, including concerts, Poker Nights, Carnival Nights, Lecture Series, and After Hours. Also developed signage for High Country Gallery Summer Show.

Graphic Designer

Diné College
September 2006 – November 2009

I managed all public relation for the Land Grant program, which includes the dissemination of public information, promotion and marketing of its development programs, the branding of the department and other necessities as seen fit to uphold its public image within the college, government relations, community, and other publics. I also worked with other departments with their advertisements, newsletters, brochures, and brand development.


  • Dilcon Community School wanted to re-establish their status as a Bureau of Indian Education school, making themselves more visible as an option for children of the area, and recruit teachers for the next school year. They were satisfied with their logo, we digitized it and applied it as necessary to their business collateral, advertising usage, and new website.

    Dilcon Community School Website
    Dilcon Community School Website
    Dilcon Community School
  • Native Tree Services reached out for a website, and a clear logo that exemplified and showcased their work with trees. It was determined that a tree within the logo would fit as a symbol and a letter. We came up with this logo and it works well as a brand symbol. Expressed throughout the website, the tree image easily relates to their work. Their responsive WordPress is a basic, down to business website, telling the basic information that they offer. Works great with accessibility on all devices with easy navigation. Satisfied customer.

    Native Tree Services Website Front Page
    Native Tree Services Website Front Page
    Native Tree Services

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